The theme is inspired on the fundamental physiological process from term paper writing essay help the cells to the whole systems functions, which are based on rhythms and cycles. Considering that the Physiological Sciences are handling the process that determine the life, the theme of the 38th IUPS Congress in Brazil will be oriented to the RHYTHMS OF LIFE. This theme also combines with the Brazilian culture and Brazilians’ life style in which the music, sports and a rich natural environment make a perfect scenario for a real experience about THE RHYTHMS OF LIFE.



On behalf of the LOC/ISPC and the Brazilian Society of Physiology, persuasive writing exampleswe are so pleased that you are visiting our homepage. Please, take your time to explore the entire website of the IUPS-2017 World Congress of Physiology to see what is looking for you in Rio de Janeiro on coming August.

This is a unique opportunity to bring together physiologists from around the world to discuss the ultimate studies performed in the physiological sciences and related fields. We are doing our best preparing an outstanding scientific celebration and you cannot be out of it. The scientific program of the Congress is world class with the top names that cover all areas of physiology. You can check details at the link “program”, and note the highest scientific quality of the researchers that will be presenting 7 plenaries, including 2 Nobel Prizes, 22 keynote lectures, and 60 selected symposia with over 300 speakers.

We are making the major effort to provide you a memorable scientific event, and it wouldn’t make any sense if you won’t be there presenting your experimental data and discussing your findings and ideas with the top physiologists from all over the world.

We also wish to highlight that the most important activity during the IUPS-2017 Congress will be the posters presentations. If you take a look to the timetable of the Congress you will see that the posters sections are allocated in the “core” of the congress set in a prime time of the congress, from 12:00 to 14:30 pm, lasting 2:30 min of presentation. Therefore, all participants will have plenty of time to visit and discuss the poster with the authors without any rush.

We invite you to submit your abstract till April 30, 2017, and became a protagonist of the historical IUPS-2017 World Congress in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to this great scientific program and expected thousands of abstracts, we are planning several important academic, editorial, cultural and political activities in parallel, which will bring you an unforgettable experience in the “Rhythms of Life”

We will be waiting for you on August 1st in the opening ceremony at the Riocentro Convention Center, and of course you will be more the welcome to the celebration.

With our best wishes,




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